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Achievements for Daymare: 1998. On Xbox One and Steam, they are called achievements. On PS4, they are called trophies.

List of achievements[]

Name Description
Chapter 1 Complete chapter one.
Chapter 2 Complete chapter two.
Chapter 3 Complete chapter three.
Chapter 4 Complete chapter four.
Chapter 5 Complete chapter five.
Free hugs Free yourself from 20 grabs.
Bullseye Take out 50 enemies with headshots.
Butcher Cast off 50 enemy limbs.
Boxer Knockback 20 enemies using melee attacks.
Hound Find all Hexacore secret rooms.
Gunslinger Get the magnum.
Hand cannon Get the desert eagle.
Hijacker Hack into a "very hard" terminal.
What is IT? Shoot the red balloon.
Maverick Find playing cards.
Take your time Utilize 100 slow reloads.
Wrong melee Perform a melee attack on the Melted Man.
Bookworm Get all documents.
Disc jockey Get all audiologs.
Hunting season Spot all puppet deer.
Daymare syndrome Shoot at 5 false enemies.
Green thumb Find the chemical formula mural.
Rat sterminator Find the sewer pinball.
Déjà vu Wait for the suggestion.
Blown away Find the exploded corpse.
Slaughter Finish the game on Daymare Mode.
Quick hands Utilize 100 fast reloads.
Surgeon Get all ID Tags.
Runner Finish the game in 4 hours or less.
Immortal Finish the game without dying.
Chemist Craft every type of rapid use fluid.
Trader Perform 10 exchanges at an H.I.V.E. terminal.
Addicted Reach 50% of overdose.
Jurassic theft Shoot the shaving cream can.
Wrong turn Find the arrow in the tree.
File still open Find the branded oak barrel.
Stabbed Find the movie poster.
Invader Studios hires Find the programmer's corpse.
Problem solving Find the barrelled corpse.
Back in time Find the flux capacitator.
Where's the fog? Find the dead viewer.
Primitive experiments Find the science magazine.
Games of war Find the tris game.
4th of July Find the researcher's corpse.
Codename Broken Arrow Find the H.A.F. plate.