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Promotional art of the three main characters in Daymare: 1998: Liev (top), Sam (left), and Raven (right)

List of characters appearing in Daymare: 1998 and Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle.

H.A.D.E.S. agents[]


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Liev is a Russian-born H.A.D.E.S. special agent who cares only for his mission. He holds a grudge against Sandman after the incident at Groom Lake.

Dalila Reyes[]

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A former war spy turned H.A.D.E.S agent under the command of major Radek.

Ivan Radek[]

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Leader of the H.A.D.E.S. unit, subjected to Commander Foster only. He is protective of agent Reyes.

Mark C. Foster[]

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Commander of H.A.D.E.S and its founder.


H.A.D.E.S agent of the Delta team and a Gulf war veteran who was planning to leave H.A.D.E.S. to work for Kuronosu. He's on the bad terms with Liev[1].


H.A.D.E.S Alpha team agent who was supposed to pick up Liev. During the Keen Sight incident he became trapped on the dam with the fellow agent Mark who mutated into a horrific creature as a result of being exposed to Castor gas. After being fatally injured, he chose to blow himself up with a grenade, taking Mark with him.[2]


H.A.D.E.S. agent who, along with his partner Frost, was sent to Keen Sight following the outbreak to pick up samples for Hexacore[3]. Following the protocol, he was ordered to execute all remaining witnesses, however he let one researcher escape, as he was T-Ray's friend.[4]He was mortally wounded by one of Type-7s and his body was left in the Pharmacy to be discovered by Raven. His body is noticeably missing when Sam reaches the pharmacy, suggesting he turned into Castor H.A.D.E.S.


Agent of the Epsilon team, who was sent to the Aegis Lab to recover the Pollux samples. He was shot by an unknown assailant and died as result of his injuries.[5]


West's partner who was supposed to retrieve the Pollux samples. He chased after the unknown assassin who shot West and went MIA.

H.A.F. pilots[]


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Raven is H.A.F. captain and a member of Crimson Skulls unit. He's former NASA pilot whose comrade was killed in a failed mission leaving Raven scarred and suffering from survivor guilt. He is deeply loyal to Sandman.


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Sandman is a well respected H.A.F. major who received his codename after the incident at Groom Lake. He acts as a mentor to Raven and on the bad terms with Liev.

Keen Sight citizens[]


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Samuel is a forest ranger who suffers from "Daymare Syndrome" and was caught up in the events of Daymare: 1998 with the rest of Keen Sight.

Roland Reds[]

A WW2 veteran and a war hero, he became one of Hexacore's earliest test subjects, known as project VJ-02[6]. Plethora of experiments perforomed on him over the decades had left him in a vegetative state and he spent the last 4 years of his life in a coma in his house outside the town. He was watched over by his nephew, who had left the house months before the outbreak, and his supervisor Cooper who was planning to murder him. Coincidentally, the company was about to dispose of Roland anyway when the Castor outbreak occured, waking Roland from his coma and turning him into a Type-7. He is the first infected encountered by Samuel, who knew Reds before his coma.

Hexacore personnel[]

Sarah Carmichael[]

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Samuel's wife and one of the supervisors of the Truman project.

Dr. Atherton[]

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Dr. Atherton is a doctor at the Sacred Heart Hospital and a Hexacore supervisor. Following the outbreak, he locked himself in the I.C.U. room with the other survivors and an infected major Sandman whom he captured. He gave Samuel several tasks to complete throught the hospital in exchange for letting him to settle a score with major Sandman. Atherton was murdered by Sandman after the latter broke free.

Dr. Mason[]

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Dr. Mason is a Hexacore researcher who used to work in the treatment room on the lair dam. He helped Raven in his fight against the Abomination. He decided to sacrifice himself along with the dam to buy Raven some time to escape.


Samuel's co-worker, who was secretely one of the Hexacore supervisors. His job was to monitor Roland Reds' condition, of which he had grown tired of after five years. In the hope of getting a promotion, he planned to murder Roland[7], unaware that the company was going to dispose of him anyway.[6] Cooper died during the outbreak and his body is found by Sam in the boiler room.

Aegis Labs staff[]

John Fay[]

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John Fay is a senior server technician at the Aegis North-Blue-Two Facility who found shelter at the service room and managed to expose perpetrator behind the outbreak in the lab. He was killed by Liev, since the protocol demanded no witnesses to be left alive.

Al Powell[]

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Al Powell is a security guard for Aegis. One of the few remaining survivors of the outbreak, he was terminated by Liev following the protocol.

Rebecca Jorden[]

Aegis North-Blue-Two Facility researcher who sent the distress signal. She was killed during the outbreak.

Jonathan Phelps[]

Researcher who was the true cause of the incident at the North-Blue-Two Facility, as he was bribed by the Kuronosu company to steal the Castor and Pollux samples. He was halted by security in the cargo bay and got seriously injured just before the explosion released a cloud of Castor gas into the room.[8] Before his death he sent his chatlogs with the Kuronosu company to his brother. He died of his injuries and his body is found by Liev in the power room next to a paycheck for a large sum of money.

Kuronosu Enterprise[]


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An unseen mastermind behind the Keen Sight incident who treats other characters as his "pawns". He is implied to be a high ranking executive at the Kuronosu company.

Samantha Volken[]

Major Sandman's terminally ill daughter. Following her presumed death, she became a test subject for the Kuronosu company.