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The Cleaner is a supporting character and the main antagonist in Daymare: 1998.


The Cleaner is a high ranking official in the Kuronosu company and the mastermind behind the Keen Sight incident. He bribed an Aegis worker Jonathan Phelps to steal the Castor samples, causing the outbreak at the facility. He manipulated Sandman into causing the Keen Sight outbreak in exchange for saving his daughter Samantha. By the end of the game he declares the operation as "success", having acquired all the necessary evidence to frame Hexacore for the outbreak and removing all traces of Kuronosu's involvement. After archiving all the evidence, he turns to check on his latest experiment, who is implied to be Samantha.



  • He's an avid chess player and refers to other characters as his "pawns".
  • He's a hidden forth playable character in Daymare: 1998. He's playable through the epilogue section, the only first-person segment in the game.
  • He was voiced by the late Paul Haddad[1], the original voice actor for Leon Kennedy of Resident Evil 2. He passed away on April 11, 2020, making Daymare: 1998 his last major role in video games.