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Agent Liev is one of the main playable characters in Daymare: 1998.

Official description[]

There isn’t much info on the H.A.D.E.S. (Hexacore Advanced Division for Extraction and Search) special agent, codename Liev. Most probably he was born in Russia and has a Russian military record (Spetznaz Unit). Follows orders and procedures without any care about their consequences or collateral damage. The mission is his creed. Perfectly trained in hand-to-hand, cold weapon and firearms combat.


Early life[]

Not much is known about Liev's early life but he is presumably of Russian origin. In 1994 he participated in the Groom Lake mission where he was ordered to open fire on a group of "innocent people". He was rescued by Sandman who pulled him out of the fire. Liev became known for following orders without a question, while still putting his personal interests first, and bad temper, making him difficult to work with others.

Keen Sight incident[]

Liev was assigned to investigate an incident at the Aegis facility on Northfall Islands after receiving a distress signal on August 19 and recover the Castor samples. While on his way in a helicopter, it becomes clear he's on the bad terms with the rest of the team, annoying everyone with insensitive jokes about H.A.F. pilot Raven's past, which especially frustrates major Sandman who mentors Raven.

After receiving the mission briefing, Liev enters the facility only to discover piles of corpses of the staff members but locates one survivor, a security guard, who reveals an outbreak has occured at the lab and the rest of the personnel are seemingly dead. After promising to come back for the guard, Liev kills him instead, explaining he's following a protocol. Sandman remarks that this reminds him of Groom Lake where Liev opened fire on "poor innocent people", while Liev argues he was only following orders. He discovers that the facility was in fact build above the remains of a Japanese submarine that was transporting hazardous materials in 1945 as an act of revenge for the Hiroshima nuclear attack. While on his way to restore power to the facility, Liev is ambushed by the Aegis employees who are revealed to be alive but transformed into zombie-like creatures due to them being exposed to Castor. Affter successfully securing the gas samples, Liev receives another order to recover the samples of Pollux, as team Epsilon who was responsible for the operation went missing. Liev discovers a body and an audio log of one of Epsilon's agents, revealing they were shot by an unknown assailant. Liev secures Pollux and makes his way to the server room to recover some data, where he discovers another survivor, a technician named John who reveals the outbreak was caused by one of Aegis' own employees who were bribed to steal the samples by an unknown company. Following the protocol, Liev terminates John and escapes the contaminated facility, completing his mission.

Back in the chopper he overhears a conversation between Raven and Sandman and accuses the latter of being a coward for "leaving comrades to die", presumably referring to the Groom Lake incident. When Sandman leaves to check on the gas containers, Raven hears a gunshot and discovers Liev holding the Major at gunpoint after breaking a vial of Pollux into his face. Liev then throws Raven out of the helicopter after the latter tried to attack him and shoots Sandman after informing him that he will be remembered as a traitor. Hovever, Liev accidently shoots the helicopter's control panel causing it to crash in the nearby mountains, while Liev manages to escape and reach Keen Sight only to find that Castor already spread there claiming its first victims. Avoiding the infected residents, Liev finds shelter in the factory where he contacts HQ informing them of Sandman's betrayal. Liev realizes his gasmask didn't protect him from inhaling Castor but proceeds to the rendezvous point at Sacred Heart Hospital where the team Alpha will be waiting to pick him up.

Minutes before team Alpha's arrival, Liev is confronted by Sandman who survived the helicopter crash to Liev's surprise. He manages to apprehend Sandman and puts him on his knees, revealing he never forgave Sandman for what he had done to him at Groom Lake. However, the Major was bluffing and catches Liev off guard with his inhuman strength when he holds Liev by the neck and rips off his arm, presumably killing him. He then proceeds to eat a part of Liev's brain, which is witnessed by Samuel, who later picks up Liev's Glock and D.I.D. Liev's body is left to be discovered by team Alpha and is then transported to the research facility at the lair dam to be further researched. Liev was revealed to be in early stages of mutation after being exposed to both Pollux and Castor and his body starts to regenerate, growing a set of tentacles in the place of his right arm. Liev eventually reawakens as a horrifying Abomination and proceeds to stalk the remaining survivors like his prey. He partually preserved his human intelligence but lost the ability to speak due to his head being deformed and most of his human senses, which made him into an unstoppable killing machine motivated only by rage. He stalks Raven thoughout the dam, but the latter manages to evade his attacks. The two meet for the final confronation on the rooftop where Raven manages apprehend the Abomination once again, however, the latter is still alive as he keeps regenerating. Sandman, who is revealed to be infected with Pollux turning him into a super soldier, then steps up telling Raven to rest and promising to finish Liev for good. When Raven wakes up, he only discovers a wounded Sandman, and neither Liev nor his remains are anywhere to be seen, leaving his fate ambigious.

In the epilogue, it is shown through a surveillance footage that Sandman was the one who killed agent Crane and tried to steal the Pollux samples, revealing Liev wasn't the traitor and he was telling the truth all along.



  • Despite being heavily featured in the promotional material for Daymare: 1998, he was given the least playable time comparing to Sam and Raven. He was later given his own (non-canon) gameplay scenario H.A.D.E.S. Dead End where he has to complete several taks throughout the infected Keen Sight.
  • He always wears his gasmask during his gameplay sections.
  • He's the only playable character who also acts as an enemy.
  • His codename "Liev" is a variant of the Slavic name "Lev", which means "lion", possibly referencing his Russian origin.
    • Another variant of this name is "Leon", which could be a nod to Leon S. Kennedy, since Daymare originated from a fan remake of Resident Evil 2.
  • He is rumoured to reappear in the prequel.