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Major Hayden Volken, codename Sandman, is a supporting character in Daymare: 1998. He's a major of the Hexacore Air Force (H.A.F.) and the commander of the Crimson Skulls unit.


Early life[]

No much is known about Hayden's early years, except that he had a terminally-ill daughter Samantha, whom he raised by himself after his wife left him. In 1994, he participated in the Groom Lake incident where he saved agent Liev's life by pulling him from the fire. The details of the mission remain unknown, but it made him famous and respected among the Hexacore employees and he received his codename "Sandman". In June 1995 he requested that a young pilot David Hale would join the ranks of H.A.F. under his command after the latter was fired from NASA following the tragic accident. Around the same time he got acquainted with Sarah Carmichael, a supervisor for Truman Project, and the two became close friends. Hayden confided in Sarah that Hexacore refused to cover the expenses for his daughter's treatment which made him desperate to the point he was willing to make a deal with Kuronosu, Hexacore's rival. In exchange for his daughter's life, he would cause a chemical outbreak causing thousands of deaths that Hexacore will be blamed for. Sarah was horrified by Hayden's decision and was about to expose him to avoid the tragedy, however, she changed her mind when Sandman informed her that his daughter past away on July 12, 1997.

Keen Sight incident[]

On August 19, 1998, he was assigned as a pilot alongside Raven, his protégé, to transport the H.A.D.E.S. special agents unit to the Aegis facility on Northfall Islands to deliver the samples of Castor and Pollux. During the mission he defends Raven, who is still in a stressful psychological state following his accident, from being provoked by agent Liev, with whom Sandman has a shared history during the Groom Lake mission in 1994. When Liev terminates a surviving security guard, Sandman remarks how it reminded him of Groom Lake when Liev opened fire on "poor innocent people", and Liev argues he was only following orders as those people were no longer humans. Sandman later informs Liev that team Epsilon went MIA and he now has to complete their mission and extract the Pollux samples as well.

After Liev completed his mission and escapes, Raven shows his regret about not being able to wait for team Epsilon, however Sandman reassures him that the mission comes first. Overhearing this, Liev calls Sandman a coward and a hypocrite for "leaving comrades to die", referring to Groom Lake, and insults Raven's condition as Sandman chose to mentor him. Sandman leaves the cockpit to check on the gas containers, but reassures Raven that he can fly the chopper on his own. Following his agreement with Kuronosu, Sandman then shoots agent Crane but before he could steal the Pollux samples he is apprehended by Liev who breaks a vial into Sandman's face and holds him at gunpoint after throwing Raven, who tried to protect the Major, out of the helicopter. Surprised by this turn of events, Liev is glad he can now paint Sandman as a traitor as the two were always on bad terms since Groom Lake and shoots him. Hovever, Sandman dodges the bullet and Liev accidently shoots the helicopter's control panel causing it to crash in the nearby mountains.

Infected with the Pollux virus giving him incredible strength and regenerative abilities, Hayden survives the helicopter crash but his mental state is affected making him crave the hormones produced by human hypothalamus, so he seeks help of Sarah, the only person he trusts. Sandman makes his way to her home on the outskirts of Keen Sight, where he is discovered holding Sarah's mutilated body by Samuel, Sarah's husband, who assumes Hayden had murdered Sarah. Angered Sandman tosses the body aside and throws Sam out of the window. After overhearing the Liev's transmission to HQ through his D.I.D., Sandman steals Samuel's car and heads to Sacred Heart Hospital where he ambushes Liev waiting to be rescued by team Alpha. Using his boxing techniques, the Major tricks Liev and catches him off-guard revealing his newfound abilities. As Liev outed Sandman's actions to the HQ, the latter laments that he didn't leave Liev to die way back in 1994 and then rips off his arm, presumbaly killing him. Craving hormones, Sandman cracks Liev's skull open and proceeds to eat a part of his brain, which is witnessed by Samuel. Still under the influence of Pollux, Sandman enters the hospital in search for the remaining survivors but gets apprehended by Doctor Atherton who ties him to a wheelchair following the massacre that Sandman caused. The Major manages to free himself hours later and murders Atherton, unaware that he is being pursued by the vengeful Samuel.

Sometime later he is contacted by Raven, who is revealed to have survived and recovered the samples of Golden Fleece anti-viral agent that may cure Sandman. The two agree to meet on the lair dam, where they could use a helicopter to escape the infected town as the government initiated Clean Slate protocol to stop the outbreak. The Major makes it to the rooftop of the dam to witness Raven battling the mutated Liev who got exposed to both Pollux and Castor. To save Raven's life, Hayden knocks him unconscious and presumably finishes Liev for good. When Raven wakes up, he only discovers a wounded Major who begs Raven to stay away as he is still under the Pollux influence. Raven manages to cure Hayden using the anti-viral agent but the two are then confronted by Samuel, who witnessed the carnage the Major caused and resolved to kill him to avenge Sarah. Raven, unaware of the Major's true intentions, defends Hayden, calling him a hero, and asks Samuel to put down his gun. Realizing that Samuel is suffering the side effects of the Daymare Syndrome, Hayden tries to plea with Sam, revealing that Sarah was his friend and he never meant to hurt her. However, Samuel is unable make peace with Sarah's death and he points his gun on Hayden. A single gunshot is heard when the screen turns to black, leaving Hayden's fate unknown.

The evidence collected by Kuronosu, including the surveillance footage from the helicopter revealing Hayden's betrayal, as well as his communications with Sarah, were archived by the Cleaner who is revealed to be the mastermind behind the Keen Sight incident and the person who made the deal with Hayden in exchange for saving Samantha. The girl is revealed to be alive, becoming one of Kuronosu's experiments monitored by the Cleaner.



  • He has a tattoo on his left arm, 04/24/1987 - 07/12/1997, which were implied to be his daughter's date of birth and presumed date of death.
  • He is rumored to re-appear in the prequel.