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Sarah Carmichael is a supporting character in Daymare: 1998. She's the wife of Samuel Walker and a researcher at Hexacore.


She became one of the supervisors of the Truman Project in 1991 and moved to Keen Sight months later, tasked with the job to monitor Samuel Walker. Over the years she spent living in Keen Sight, Sarah warmed up to its residents, whom she treated as mere lab rats at first, and eventually fell in love with Sam, who was unaware of her job. She also became a close friend to major Hayden Volken, whom she considered extraordinary. Sandman genuinely cared for Sarah and tried to warn her of his plans, hoping she would leave Keen Sight with Samuel to save them both. During the Keen Sight outbreak, Sarah was murdered before she could confess to Samuel, and her severed arm was later retrieved by the Kuronosu company for the purpose of extracting her ID tag to use as an evidence to frame Hexacore Biogenetics. Throughout the game she appears as a hallucination to guilt-driven Sam as a side effect of "Daymare Syndrome".



  • According to the early game info, she and Sam were meant to have a son.
  • The circumstances behind Sarah's death remain ambiguous. Although it is assumed she was murdered by Sandman, her severed arm is nowhere to be found and the tape she recorded for Samuel was missing, suggesting the Kuronosu agents got to her before Sandman. Another possibility is she was affected by the Castor outbreak, turning her into Type-7, and Hayden merely put her out of her misery.