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Type-7 ("Zombies") are the enemies in Daymare: 1998.


Type-7 is the result of a human being exposed to Castor – an extremely toxic chemical, designed to produce genetically-altered organisms as bioweapons. Subjects with the correct genetic makeup will result into aggressively deadly creatures with increased physical strength, while those with the wrong genetic makeup will cause the subject to decay rapidly due to the massive amount of acid produced within their bodies. Type-7's are unable to infect others, because Castor is a chemical weapon, not a viral agent. Regardless of the stage, the infection will always result in death after 72 hours, due to the total cellular meltdown of the subject's body.

Stage 1 Enemies[]

Normal zombie appearance


(0-12 hours) The basic mutation occurs immediately after getting exposed to the Castor gas. The subject preserves its humanoid form, but slowly deteriorates due to the large acidic buildup within the blood and tissue of the subject. Hair loss and tissue damage occurs, while skin loses its natural pigmentation, eyes turn white and empty, and large purple/black veins appear. The subjects remain in a poor mental state, losing all their human senses and becoming extremely aggressive and resilient to pain. They will attack everything on sight; spewing large amounts of acids on their victims. Though weaker then the other stages, they are more dangerous in groups. Subjects that do not mutate into Stage 2, will eventually die after 72 hours of infection.

  • Strategy: To kill them quicker, aim for their heads or legs. They'll require a lot of bullets to put down for good. Shotgun and Hollow Point ammo are good for decapitating them. You can also stun them with melee attacks and run past them.

False zombies[]

Special type of enemies encountered only by Samuel. They are hallucinations of the regular zombies created as a side effect of the Daymare Syndrome. They are indistinguishable from the real zombies.

  • Strategy: They do not hurt Samuel but can still grab and disorient him, making him vulnerable to the real zombies. Shooting them once will make them dissolve into a red mist and disappear.

Stage 2 Enemies[]

Correct Type-7 Form[]

Correct form appearance

(12-24 hours) Occurs if the correct genetic makeup is present within the subject. The subject competely loses all its traces of humanity, becoming an almost perfect weapon to use on a battlefield. Much like Stage 1, Correct Forms are violent and resilient to pain, but are now incredibly fast and have developed an enhanced skeletal structure – however, due to their lack of intelligence they are unable to follow orders. At this stage, the subject body has become entirely acidic, with veins surfacing beneath the skin; often exploding. The arms deform and stretch to such an extent they become razor sharp claws, while the entire body expands slightly. In certain cases after 12 hours of Stage 2, the Castor chemical within the subject can cause further genetic anomalies, which will result into the Wrong Type-7 form.

Strategy: Shoot it with powerful weapons like shotgun or Desert Eagle. Check if a pool of blood is present when the creature collapses to make sure it's dead for good.

Wrong Type-7 Form ("Melted Man")[]

Melted man appearance

(24-48 hours) Further mutation of the Correct form if more genetic anomalies occur. At this stage, the body builds up so much acid it becomes harmful to the subject itself. The body starts to further deteriorate with large acid blisters appearing all over the body, some organs and muscles fuse together or melt away, leaving the bones exposed. One or both arms will melt forming a structure resembling a sharp claw. At this stage, the subject will have trouble moving around due to its body parts being fused together – however, they can still fire acid directly from their mouths from a long distance.

Strategy: Keep your distance away from the creature to avoid its acid attacks and shoot him with a powerful weapon (aim for its blisters to kill it quicker). Do not stand close to the creature when it's about to die, as it will explosion - releasing acid that can be deadly.

Castor H.A.D.E.S.[]

Castor H.A.D.E.S. appearance

(10-20 hours) A unique mutation affecting the agents of H.A.D.E.S. due to the presence of the H-Additive within their bodies. During the transformation, the subject will slip into a comatose state due to the immune system's heightened response from the H-Additive. After a period, the subject will reawaken, fully transformed into a fast, highly resourceful and deadly creature. Its only weaknesses are two exposed white-arteries on its back.


  • First encounter (Sewers) - avoid its attacks and run past it. Shoot to stun it if necessary.
  • Second encounter (Two Castors) - Shoot them both simultaneously with a shotgun (or aim for the head with the Desert Eagle to stun them faster). When both drop on their knees, equip the Desert Eagle and shoot their backs (there's an extra magazine next to the gate). Repeat till both creatures die.
  • Third encounter - Shoot the creature with a shotgun until it collapses on its knees, then shoot its weak spot on its back with a Magnum. Avoid the wave of zombies while doing so.

Tyndareus (Irregular form)[]

Tyndareus appearance

(72 hours-) Amalgamation of two or more beings melted in a biological matter. Occurs during later stages when the Type-7 infectees starts to break down; tangling themselves with one another. While these creatures haven't been studied extensively, it is stated that the Tyndareus' toxic fumes and acid blisters can appear on its body; camouflaged by the rest of the mass. Wrong Type-7 forms can still detach themselves from the rest of the body and attack. One attempt of trying to observe Tyndareus ended in a disaster, rendering the North Red One Aegis facility on Northfall Islands damaged and impractical for years. Remains of the amalgamation can be observed on the dam lair.

Strategy: While Tyndareus is described in the game's documents as toxic and hazardous, it appears to be harmless to the player.

The Abomination appearance

The Abomination[]

A unique transformation that is a mixture of Castor H.A.D.E.S. and a Pollux soldier. Occurs as a result of a H.A.D.E.S. agent getting exposed to both Castor and Pollux. In addition to Type-7's high resilience and strength, he possesses fast regeneration abilities allowing him to grow his missing limbs and sustain high fire power damage. The creature appears to have his human intelligence preserved as seen when hunting his victims. He has a set of tentacles grown in the place of his right arm, as well as spikes in various places on his body – and an underdeveloped second head. He's able to fire acid from his mouth, similarly to the Wrong Type-7 variant.


  • First encounter - Avoid wasting ammo in this fight, he cannot be killed. The key is to bait him to stay in the center of the arena, leaving enough time to run to the control panel to press the button and stun him with electricity (two times should be enough). This can be done by draining him of his stamina by shooting him repeatedly with powerful weapons or by baiting his attacks. Use the nearby explosive barrels to weaken him quicker.
  • Second encounter - Avoid getting close to him until the elevator arrives. Wait at the elevator door until he runs, then circle around the room and run back to the tunnel. Shoot a couple of explosive barrels to slow him down, then quickly run past him and wait till the elevator arrives.
  • Final encounter - Grab the Desert Eagle ammo from the nearby box, keep shooting him while avoiding the zombies.



  • While Type-7 are unofficially referred to as "zombies" due to their similarity to the reanimated corpses from pop-culture, they are actually mutated humans that are physically alive – and can be killed.